5 Must Use Apps

Life nowadays is very busy and as we go on we feel that we have less time and more things to do, and in fact we end up do nothing due to the lack of organizing our time. So I’ll help you organize your life with awesome tools that will make your life easier and more organized.

Organizing Events and To-Dos

Three main concepts of self organizing are,

1- Your Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar There’s defiently nothing better out there, you can access it anywhere and anytime and it’s easy to add or remove events, it’s fully integrated with almost all mobiles and you can set SMS reminders and invite other people to your events and notify them about it.

2- Your To Do List


Wunderlist is one of the best apps I’ve ever seen, it’s just beautiful, usable and you have to try it, and it’s available on all platforms including Mac and Windows, also available on Android and IOS.

3- Your Notes



Evernote is byfar the most used apps when it comes to taking notes, it’s very organized, you can have your notebooks each with it’s own notes and you can add photos, sound clips even a location to the note and more and of corse it’s multi platform.

Organizing Files and Photos

1- Files



Dropbox is a very awesome service, you can use it on any device you use to upload all the files you need and access it anywhere, you get a 2 GB for free and up to 18 GB just from referring.

2-Photos & Videos

Google Plus

Google Plus

Google Plus, believe it or not but this was the best organizing tool I’ve ever used when it came to photos and sharing them however I want, even better than iPhoto, it’s really organized and if you’re lucky and have an android, enable the instant upload feature which will upload every picture you take as soon as it’s taken (Very Good feature), and of corse this goes with videos too, you can edit your photos, organize them in albums, share what you want with whoever you want, i found it more usable and easier to use than flickr, and other services.

So if you’d like to save a lot of time then don’t miss using these lovely apps which was made to make our life easier.

Learn, Love & Share 😉