IOS Vs. Android The Experience

Now i’ve just put hands on my new iPhone 5 after 2 years android, and now i am back to ios. Now i want to describe the experience after just 2 hours of using the new iPhone, so all what you’ll read below is the first impression.

I have always been an IOS fan since the iPhone 3G and i loved it so much, the UI and user experience was just incomparable, and as soon as android hopped into the market i switched to android first with Motorola Razr and then Galaxy S3. The Razr is just too awful to mention it here, but the comparison will be between the experience i got on the S3 and IOS.

So, Let’s Begin

1- UI

as soon as i switched on my new iPhone i felt really happy, the UI is really too professional and made by real artists, the android’s one is just too poor, apple will always lead in the design and artistic category, The system UI also is far better than the android, the apps all are retina display with colourful cheerful elements, makes you feel special. even when you open to exact apps on IOS and Android. you can notice a difference between them and that IOS’s one is more elegant.

Score :

IOS : 10 – Android : 5


2- Games

iPhone Wins period.


IOS: 10 – Android: 6


3- Apps

The IOS system was really known 2 years before android, which means developers began releasing their apps 2 years before they began to develop versions for android, but Lately and just lately the number of play store apps began to reach apple’s stor, 700,000 Vs. 800,000. but i’d like to mention something important, QUALITY  there is a huge difference between the apps published on the android market and the IOS market, Apple really don’t get any app alive only after a set of requirements and the UI is a major one in these requirements, so in terms of apps i found alot of apps better on the iphone like Evernote, Basecamp, Toggl, DropBox. there are even some of them aren’t on android.


IOS : 9 – Android: 7


4- Customisability

Android Wins period.


IOS: 4 – Android: 10


5- Performance

if this post was made before jelly bean i think it wouldn’t be fair to mention android anyways, but apparently android did improve their performance much better, but still the Quality is apple’s best friend, so in terms of smoothness also the IOS wins this one, even my S3 had some points to lag where i couldn’t believe it would, and there are sometimes when loading just takes some time more than it should be, for example when i open the Dial screen and press contacts, it takes a bit to switch.


IOS: 10 – Android: 8


Final Score:

IOS : 43 – Android: 36


 So The Winner is IOS



if you’re lazy rich boy and want something just works with an elegant artistic interface just go with IOS, and if you’re obsessed with technology and customizing your phone with a lot of features you probably won’t use then stick to android.